UX Design, Redesign, Brand Identity, Responsive Design. Game testing and QA for applications and websites on multiple platforms.

A little bit about me:
Welcome to my world of design where creativity and innovation meet functionality and purpose. I’m a visual designer with a passion for UX design, redesign, brand identity, and responsive design for web and mobile. In addition, I have experience in game testing and QA for applications and websites on multiple platforms.

My journey as a designer started in Italy, where I worked as a graphic designer for about 10 years. I later moved to the USA to pursue a degree in Graphic Design, but things didn’t go as planned, and I had to abandon my dream due to visa issues. Unfortunately, I also lost most of my work when I moved to a new city and lost my Mac and 2 external hard-drives. Despite the setback, my creative spark remained, and I continue to create designs with my old (2013) Mac Book Air.

I began working with startups in Silicon Valley a few years ago, creating UX designs for apps, games, and websites. Currently, I’m collaborating with a group of talented professionals, including UX designers and researchers, a marketing team, lawyers, copyrights, and creators for startups in Silicon Valley.

Though I cannot showcase 20 years of design, I’ve worked on print and web, including some coding. My focus is on UX/UI design and research, with an unwavering commitment to never stop learning and keep testing. So, whether you’re a startup or an established business, let’s work together to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

What I do:

  • As a senior visual/graphic designer, I use my years of experience to conceptualize and design visual solutions that communicate information and ideas effectively to the target audience. I work closely with clients to understand their needs, goals, and vision for the project and use that information to create compelling designs that align with their objectives
  • To create visual designs, I use various design software tools to produce illustrations, infographics, layouts, and other visual assets. I collaborate with other designers and creative professionals, such as copywriters, web developers, and marketers, to ensure that the design aligns with the overall vision of the project.
  • As a senior designer, I also provide guidance, mentorship, and training to junior designers to help them develop their skills and grow in their careers. This includes providing feedback on their work, sharing industry knowledge, and promoting collaboration and creativity in the design process.

My motto: Never stop learning and keep testing!

Solutions for everything.