Transportation App

For this project I was the Lead Designer directing 1 researcher, 1 UX designer, 2 developers.

The task was to create a website and app for a transportation company that mainly uses buses. The main problem we identified was that the existing website was not user-friendly, and users often struggled to find the information they needed to navigate the city’s bus system. The transportation company wanted a digital platform that would make it easier for users to plan their trips, purchase tickets, and get real-time updates on bus schedules.

My role as the Lead Designer was to oversee the project and work closely with a researcher, a UX designer, and two developers to create a user-friendly website and app that would meet the needs of our target users.

To start, we conducted extensive research to understand the needs and pain points of users. We conducted on-site interviews with both regular bus users and occasional users to understand how they currently plan their trips and what features they would like to see in a transportation website and app. We also conducted research on existing transportation apps and websites to identify areas for improvement.

Using this research, we developed a series of design iterations that we tested with users at various stages of the project. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would allow users to quickly and easily find information about bus routes, stops, and schedules. We also developed a ticket purchasing feature that would make it easy for users to purchase tickets in advance and avoid the hassle of having to pay cash on the bus.

Our final design solution was a user-friendly website and app that made it easy for users to plan their trips, purchase tickets, and get real-time updates on bus schedules. The website and app included features such as real-time tracking of buses, route maps, and a trip planner that allowed users to plan their journeys in advance. We also included a feature that allowed users to provide feedback on the website and app, which we used to make further improvements to the user experience.

The new website and mobile app were a huge success, with users finding it much easier to use than the previous website. The app was well-received by commuters, tourists, and students, and the company saw a significant increase in the number of users. The success of the app also led to other transportation companies in 4 different cities buying the app, with 3 others currently in discussions with the app owner.

Overall, this project was a great success, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Our team was able to create a user-friendly website and app that met the needs of our target users and helped make public transportation more accessible to millions of people.

  • Interactive maps: Users can see the bus routes and stops on a map, making it easy to plan their trips.
  • Real-time bus tracking: Users can track the location of their bus in real-time and get an estimated arrival time.
  • Easy payment options: Users can purchase bus tickets directly from the app or website, eliminating the need to carry cash or buy tickets in-person.
  • Personalized user experience: Users can save their favorite routes and stops, and receive personalized route recommendations based on their previous trips.
Easy Navigation MapBus Route with connectionsRoute of the bus
The system selects the best routeDetails on the Bus RouteCloses bus stops and routes
Buses and Cable cars in the areaNight version